5 Simple Ways Of Making A Steady Income Online

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As simple as most times it may sound, everyone wants to make money Online the very easy way. Every internet marketer or webmaster often pull the string of effort, gives informative ideas, talks about passion when it comes to blogging, yet wants to get this because they wants to earn minimum amount of money from their effort.

I bet you, no webmaster will work tirelessly everyday writing articles and promoting without earning a dime for long and such person will be motivated to continue the good works.
I’ve been in the position and I know how hard it is to get motivated with what stresses you and no pay. Therefore, achieving this objective is considered a must way of making money online, I tell you it’s pretty much easier and attainable and with good planning of your schedule, it wouldn’t affect your work.
However, there are several ways of earning money online, a few of which I’ve discussed in some of my posts, but in this line today, I shall discuss with you some better ways to earn steady income even why you sleep quietly in your bed. Now I can boldly say that I make cool money every blessed day.

1. Selling Services

Sounds strange right? Hmm! don’t be. I wish I had known this method of making money a long time ago, maybe by now I would be a multi-millionaire. Selling your services is the sure and purest way to get a steady income online, and I’ll recommend fiverr

I believe you’ve about fiverr? If not it is an online market community where you can buy and sell services. Most importantly, you make more money when you are a seller (selling your services to people online). Therefore I’ll advice you check the site and register so you can start make your money.

2. Affiliate Marketing

I’ll keep saying this, many bloggers are so engrossed with making their online money with just AdSense. Have you ever thought that if AdSense fail? Then this is where affiliate marketing should come in.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a product or service owner rewards affiliates for each customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. In simple terms, you get paid a percentage of the income made on every sale generated by your effort.

Money making here is easy because you don’t have to do the major work. What you need to do is find the best performing product or service you can market as an affiliate, then you set up a mini- niche blog for it.

But on the other side, if you have a blog then you can always promote and market the product on your blog. Make sure you start a email listing for it, as to market the affiliate product.

3. Sponsored Articles

This is one of the unnoticed ways to make steady income online. When it comes to sponsored articles, all you need to do is to have a blog and build your online reputation as a writer. After a while that you’ve built your writing skill and reputation.

You will start receiving commendable notes on your blog or probably your articles, then you need to find organization like Guest crew to submit sponsor articles to your blog. There is a very good site I use for my sponsored article posing, rank slider: This website is a very good place to get a sponsored article.

All you just have to do is register with them and join to bid a post title relevant to your blog niche. Eventually when you won the post title, you’ll be given the space of like 3-5 days which you’ve already fixed for yourself when registering.

And after you have written and publish the article, you’ll then be paid. Though in the article, there is always a room for you to leave a link back to the sponsored company. However, this creates a win-win situation for both you and the sponsor.

4. Google Adsense/Pay per Click

I believe you all know PPC advertising, and if you don’t then you should have heard about Google AdSense. Hmm! Now you know right? This is a house-hold name to all bloggers.

This is also a very good platform to make a steady income online. I have a blogger friend that makes more than $5000 USD every single month. For you to make money with this method, you need to have massive traffic trending your blog and with time, the traffic will start generating revenue for you.

In this method of earning online, like seriously you have to exercise a lot of patience because at times it’ll be so frustrating that you might want to quit. But just keep updating and keep the traffic flowing to your blog and in the span of 6 months, you’ll smile.

 5. Information marketing

Just exactly what I was told some few years back, that if I want to start making good money online then I need to start selling products. This is another way of earning steady income online, this is a way where you sell your products online.

This is as simple as making a video, selling of software and selling of e-books. The good side of this type of money making is that if the products aren’t yours, then you keep getting steady percentages on each product sold, and if they are yours then the profit is yours. Therefore, I’ll advice you start with selling product if you have not gotten a source of income online.

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