Facts About Recharge And Get Paid,Also How To Make Money With It

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Before I proceed,This business is not owned by me. Am a partner who has tested and trusted the company that is why am writing these so you can see the opportunity too. One thing is to be shown an opportunity. Another is to embrace it. If you think it’s worth engaging in, Why not proceed and join my team?

As am writing this some people have called and chatted saying they don’t really understand especially how they get paid in this business. Now read below and get it, when you register with for instance #5,000 package, the company will give you back 20% of #5,000 which is N1,000; to start the business with. now it’s from this 1,000 that you will be making your purchases of airtime,data and so on. So when for instance you buy an airtime worth of N500, the 500 naira will be deducted from that 1000 you were having and you will be having only 500 naira left. Then again, the 2% of 500 naira will now be added to that 500 naira that you have left in your RAGP account. if u sold the 500 to a friend, then you have to collect the cash from that friend while you have your commission paid to your RAGP account. so when all these commissions accumulate, you can now withdraw them to your local bank account. Note that you will add your bank details when registering. And RAGP pays you under 24hrs, it won’t even reach that so that’s a basic gist about this business

So the same applies to all aspect of using the products in this platform. both data purchase, Cable TV subscriptions(DSTV,GOTV,STARTIMES) or NEPA bill payments. You collect the money from the customer either by cash or ask the customer to pay to your bank.. whichever way..then you login to your RAGP account and make the transaction. Immediately your commission will be credited to your RAGP account so that when they accumulate u can now withdraw to your local bank account. Minimum withdrawal is just N1,000. Now when you exhaust all the money you are having in your
Recharge And Get Paid account and you still want to make transactions, then you have to fund your RAGP account by paying to my account for funding,so they add more money to your
Recharge And Get Paid account. just as you deposit in your bank account! You can fund any amount ranging from 1000 and above and any amount paid to them is what you get as well. very simple, lucrative and smooth business. You and I use airtime and data steady. why don’t we get paid for using them?! See you at the top big brethren!

Don’t forget you get:

2% for any airtime you sell or use personally; 0.35% for the ones used or sold by those under you whether directly under you or indirectly registered by those you registered!

10% for any data you sell or use personally; 1% for the ones used or sold by those under you whether directly under you or indirectly registered by those you registered!

40 naira for any TV cable subscription you made for ursef or for someone else; 10 naira for the ones done by those under you whether directly under you or indirectly registered by those you registered!

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PV which means POINT VALUE comes along with your registration depending on the package you choose to start with OK? Check below for the PV values. Still chat me(07068948282) if you are still confused in any part of this business. As you must have seen from my explanation, no one needs to tell you that referring is a must. This is not a business where you make money only when you register others. You can choose to refer or choose to be dealing on the products ONLY or choose to be active in ALL… This business is just OK…

Now for those who would be interested in the networking/referring part of this business, Listen:

Your Earnings start once your account is activated. 20% of your Sign up you will earn back.Assuming you register Tunde and he chooses to start with the Platinum package which is 50k….. he will earn N10,000 instantly that is his 20% AND 200 Points known as Point Value (PV). And You that referred Him Will also earn N10,000 and 200 Points (PV).If Tunde Registers Chika WITH THE SAPACKAGE…*EMEKA*  earns *N10,000* and 200 Points (PV).*CHUKS* that referred *EMEKA* Will also earn *N10,000* and 200 Points (PV).You that didn’t even know *EMEKA*..   will earn *N5000* referral bonus FROM *EMEKA* and 200 Points (PV).ALL THE RECHARGE CARDS FROM *EMEKA* and those under *EMEKA* FROM *CHUKS* AND THOSE UNDER *CHUKS* YOU ARE BEEN PAID FOR ANY TRANSACTION THEY CARRY OUT. They are your downlines

Doing Recharge And Get Paid Business With & Without Referrals

You can register and do this business as a distributor or as a net-worker… Either ways, u get paid… because no matter how hard the economy is, people will always recharge airtime to make calls, subscribe data to browse the internet and subscribe cable to watch programs on TV.

As a Distributor:

Assuming u register today and decide to be selling products to customers only without recruiting anyone, let me show how u could earn almost 100k monthly just by recharging.

If in a day,
20 customers buy ₦1000 airtime,
20 customers buy ₦1000 data and
20 customers subscribe for cable tv

Your daily active income is;

For airtime: 20 × ₦1000 × 2% = ₦400

For data: 20 × ₦1000 × 10% = ₦2000

For cable: 20 × ₦40 = ₦800

which gives u ₦3200 total profit on sales daily

₦3200 × 30 days is ₦96,000 monthly

All u need do is build your customer base and give them the best of service to retain them…

To make more profits, all you’ve got to do is increase your number of customers…

Now here is the catch: Before you sell to all these people daily for a week, some sharp and smart ones will decide to join you in business.. Be a wise and smart distributor in RAGP and you just win all the way by recruiting your customers

As a Networker:

Now to make the business even more interesting and rewarding, teach some of your customers how they could recharge by themselves and get their own commission if they became a distributor just as u are.

Since we can recruit an unlimited number of people who each can do the same, we are ultimately paid on the efforts of hundreds of thousands of individuals. Let me show u how RAGP can make u a MILLIONAIRE…

If in a day,
20,000 down-lines sell ₦1,000 airtime,
20,000 down-lines sell ₦5,000 data and
20,000 down-lines pay for 5 cable subscriptions,

Ur daily passive income is;

Airtime: 20000 × 0.35% × ₦1000 = ₦70000

Data: 20000 × 1% × ₦5000 = ₦1000000

Cable: 20000 × ₦10 × 5 = ₦1000000

which gives u ₦2,070,000 profit on down-lines’ sales daily.

₦2.07M × 30days is ₦62.1M monthly

All u need do is recruit and then build your team patiently…

These Are The Registration Packages & Their Benefits

You start earning immediately in cash and point value, PV.

Basic = ₦5,000 – You get ₦1000 bonus + 20PV. You earn up to 5th level deep.

Bronze = ₦10,000 – You get ₦2000 bonus + 40PV. You earn up to 6th level deep.

Silver = ₦20,000 – You get ₦4000 bonus + 80PV. You earn up to 7th level deep

Gold = ₦30,000 – You get ₦6000 bonus + 120PV. You earn up to 8th level deep.

Diamond = ₦40,000 – You get ₦8000 bonus + 160PV. You earn up to 9th level deep.

Platinum = ₦50,000 – You get ₦10,000 bonus + 200PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Executive Platinum = ₦100,000 – You get ₦20,000 bonus + 400PV. You earn up to 10th level deep.

Are You Interested In Becoming A Licenced Distributor In Telecom Industry?

Click the link below to register immediately

Register Now Using Treasurefocus As Referral ID

You can pay online by selecting PAY STACK as your payment method. Now, after making the payment and you can’t still login to your account, don’t panic. Just contact me and i will make contact to the admin and your account will be activated. I look forward to partnering with you! Chat me if you unable to pay online. Or kindly whatsapp me on [+234]07068948282

WAIT! Have you ever wondered why banks started selling airtime, data and even providing cable subscription and NEPA bill payment services? Can it be that the money they are geting from their banking and finance services aren’t enough? See, sometimes, we do not need prophet to reveal to us some certain things going on in our country..We just have to think! YES! Banks are making serious money from telecommunication services including airtime and data sales. If banks can engage in this, what about you?

Another Means Of Earning In Recharge And Get Paid

Another way to earn hugely from this amazingly rewarding Telecom Business is the accumulation of PVs.
You ask me what is PV?


These are the POINTS that comes with your REGISTRATION PACKAGE and as well your team 

You will not only earn the Referral or Registration Commissions from your team members, the Point Value attached to the package is also received WHICH will count for you over time

When it accumulates to 10K PV… in a month, you will receive N100,000 Leadership Bonus

If you do not meet the 10K PV in a month, it will be rolled over to the next month, and as it increases to 25000 PV, you will receive 500K DUBAI TRIP FUND

As it increases over to 60K PV again, you’re given 2M small Car Fund.

When you and your direct and indirect referrals make up to 100,000 point values, you are given a HOUSE GRANT/ N3,000,000

 When you and your direct and indirect referrals make up to 250,000 point values, you are given 2ND HOUSE GRANT/ N4,000,000

When you and your direct and indirect referrals make up to 500,000 point values, you are given the 4TH HOUSE GRANT/ N6,000,000

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