How To Generate Sales On Social Media Without Running Ads

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How I generate sales through social media, for a long time, I suffered low sales as a result of inability to sell, feeling shy to talk to people and the fear of getting a NO.

The fear of getting a NO from a prospect was the worse, it killed my guts even before I took move to talking to the prospect not until i learnt getting a NO doesnt mean my products were bad just that it may not be the best for them at the moment.

As I struggled with it, I came across alot of people who made sales from social media which made me believe it worked and i began to take it serious.

I took my time to make research on how this thing works, from then the journey began. It was a gradual process, quite gradual i mean but its been worth it.

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social media sales

But i learnt a knowledge that made the journey easy, quiet easy I mean,on how to generate sales on social media ,it was education based marketing.

This was how it worked for me , I stopped coming online to outrightly tell people to buy, which had made me look salesy . thats how most of us do, we merely scream ‘buy’ and that isn’t good for us at all.

This was what i did exactly, I told stories around what I sold, taught people how to use my products, created video, picture and written contents, tried to inspire, educate and entertain people with what i sold on social media.Had lots of fun pulling some stories too, some were serious too but all aided visibility.

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That’s the way to go, use educational marketing. Tell stories, teach, inspire, entertain people around what you sell on social media, It gets you seen naturally without looking salesy

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