How to make money through Blogging

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You’ve probably heard a lot of testimonies out there on how people are making money  blogging and you are skeptical whether it’s true or not. When I wanted to start internet business I make a lot of researched on how to make money online and my most interest was how to make money  through blogging and Google Adsense.


Yes, I read a blog posts on how to make money blogging, maybe because of information I read that gave me more information on how to make money blogging. However I once attended a seminar on how to make money online.but frankly speaking, I acquired my major knowledge on blogging through online posts.I just knew that I always like to read information from online.

Initially, I found it difficult to believe that is possible to make money while sharing the information I love to people but I later learn that if I help people find Gold for free today they will help me get diamond tomorrow. Yes! People are looking for information that I have and I don’t have option than to give them and in future I will collect it back with money.

Before I will dive into these different methods of make money blogging, I want you to know that it is not easy, if it’s easy everybody will succeed through it but to tell you the truth, nothing is easy in life and I can proudly say that making money blogging is the easiest thing in life. However it is not a get quick rich, if you are looking for such then you are at the wrong place but if not then continue reading.

Before you can start to make money blogging you will need some amount of traffic, no matter what you are promoting on your blog. You can’t just wake up today, open your blog today and see $1m in your bank account tomorrow. Is not possible!

It can take years, it can take you just 6months if you have SEO Strategies or if you have money to invest on it because your blog requires some amount of traffics before it can make you a decent money. Anyone can do this but it will take a lot of time and effort.

But, today, am going to show you how to make money through blogging,  If you are a newbie you need to read this content very well and understand it and if you are an expert, I believed this will also help you to include something on your blog instead of watching the traffics to go away.

 Before you even think of blogging. You need to find your area of interest. Is very important because you will need to feed your audience every time and if your audience cannot get helpful information from you, they will find their way and look for someone else.

Another thing is to find your audience. I can even say you find your audience first, if you find your audience you will find your area of interest because you will be able to know what these people are doing, where they are spending most of their time. When I wanted to blog about health, I looked for people who are interested in this niche and this really helped me.

After finding all these information then, you can now graduate to the next level. By looking for the best domain name that fit your niche and the best hosting company and start blogging.How to make money through Blogging

How To Make Money Through Blogging

1. Displaying  Advert

You can make decent income by displaying ads on your blog. This can make you a lot of money if your site has good traffic. Like Linda Ikeji, she is making millions of naira displaying ads on her site. And the best ads network is Google Adsense. If your site can have enough traffic and you have Google Adsense account, you will make good income online with this process.  You can make money by pay per click on pay per set of visitors. If anybody click on the ads on your website, you will earn some cent of dollars depending on how targeted the traffic is.

You can find other companies that will pay you to display ads on your website. Just make sure you are working with the best company that will not go away with your money and that will not waste your time. Is very important because you don’t want to wake up one day to withdraw your hardworking earning and notice that the company is nowhere to be found.

2. Product Sales

This is one of the hot ways to make money blogging. If you have information to give to people you can blog on it. Many internet marketers are doing this today. They will build their audience, get their email and after sometime promote their information products to their list. If you have good products to give to people and you know that it’s worth been paying for, why not start selling it and make some money?

I heard a story of a young 21years old Nigerian guy who was selling information about diabetes. He was able to sell 120 copies in the first month he launched the products but he has been building his list for more than 6months before he launched the products which means he has been giving useful information to people before he monetize his blog.

Selling information can make you decent income online if you know the right way to do it because it has worked for me many time.

3. Promoting Affiliate Products

If you follow my blog very well you will notice that I have wrote many information on affiliate. Yes, 95% of my mentors are into affiliate and I always love to read from them because reading from them has helped me a lot. You can promote other people’s products if you don’t have your own products and start making some decent commission.

The best Affiliate program that I will advice you to go for is to promote digital products because you will be able to sell to people all over the world. Digital products may be inform of e-book, downloadable videos, software etc.

A friend of mine was making over $50k per month promoting clickbank products before I knew what internet business is. I have good examples of people who are making a lot of money promoting clickbank products like Adam Short the owner of Niche Profits, Mark Ling, Yaro and many more.

You can start your own today and you will have a story to tell tomorrow.

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