How To Set Up a Facebook Page For Business Promotion

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Facebook page has become an essential place for businesses, brands, celebrities, musicians, public figures, non-profit organizations, schools, etc to interact with consumers and the wider audience of online users.

facebook page
facebook page

Anyone with a Facebook account can create a Facebook Page within minutes. It’s free and easy. However, creating a Facebook Page you don’t have to be a web designer, programmer, marketing expert, or technology guru to create a Facebook Page.

Here is a simple steps that you can take to create a great Facebook Page that motivates people to click the “like” button.

Facebook Page are a great way to promote your business, a cause, or just your hobby. Unlike Groups, which are more of a community feature, Facebook Page work mostly like a regular Facebook Profile. You can use them to share posts, photos, videos, and whatever else you want. You can also send and receive messages. It’s basically just a profile but for something that’s not human. The biggest difference is that any number of people can Like and Follow the page.

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You need a personal Facebook account to create a Facebook Page. You don’t have to use it much, but you can’t make a Page without one. To get started, log in to your Facebook account and then click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner and select the “Create Page” option. You can create as many Pages as you like.

You can choose from six different categories of Pages: Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, and Cause or Community. Anything you want to create a Page for should fall roughly into one of these categories.

Select whatever category you feel best suits the facebook Page you’re creating, and then fill in the information that’s required. For most Pages, you just need to provide a Page name and select a category. For a Local Business or Place Page, you need to provide an address, as well.

After you’ve filled in the information, click “Get Started” to create your new Page.

Our new facebook Page looks a little barren, so it’s time to customize things. We’ll spruce things up with a cover photo, profile picture, username, and a description.

Click “Add a Cover” either at the top of the Page or under the “Welcome to Your New Page” section to upload an image that represents your Page. Do the same for the profile picture.

Next, click create a username for Your Page. This will be the custom URL people can use to visit your Page. Enter a username and then click “Create Username” to save it.

Next, click “Add a Short Description” and enter a few sentences that describe the purpose of your Page. When you’re done, click the “Save” button.

Now the Page is really starting to take shape, so it’s time to get a few fans. You should be the first so click the “Like” button. Afterwards, in the sidebar to the right, type the name of a friend you think might be interested in the Page, and then click “Invite” to let them know about it.

Keep inviting people you think might be interested. Your Facebook Page is now up and running. You can post things from it just like you would your own Facebook profile.

To make it more Attractive to your Friends, do the following:

1. Capture attention with a fantastic cover photo visual.

Choose a cover photo that is visually dynamic, capture’s people’s attention, and lures them in to take a closer look at your Page content. Don’t forget that you can include a marketing message in your cover photo. Just be sure to follow Facebook’s current guidelines related to cover photos, which you can find in Facebook Page Help.

2. Choose an appropriate profile photo.

Your profile photo is the smaller image that appears on your Facebook Page and as your avatar on all posts and photos you publish on Facebook. Make sure the photo you use is one that accurately reflects your brand, because the more people see it, the more they’ll recognize it and associate it with your brand.

3. Ask your Facebook friends to like your Facebook Page.

Once your Page is setup, use the handy invite option to invite all of your Facebook friends (or a group of your Facebook friends) to like your Facebook Page via a Facebook direct message. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and start building a following.

4. Create some content to make your Page look useful.

Start creating useful, meaningful, interesting, or entertaining content that your target audience wants to read and see. This includes photos and posts (be sure to tag people in both). Also, enter milestones and add content to apps used on your page such as events, videos, and so on. A Page without content is one that no one will like.

5. Promote your Page.

Use Facebook social plugins to enable people to like your page directly from your website and blog or to like your website or blog content and share it on their own Facebook profiles with a single click. There are also social plugins that enable you to show your Facebook Page updates on your blog or website.

6. Offer something extra or exclusive on your Facebook Page.

There is little incentive for people to like your Facebook Page or return to it after their first visit if you don’t offer useful, meaningful, interesting, or entertaining content and experiences. Not only should your posts be useful, but you should also create content and experiences that visitors can’t get anywhere else. For example, offer a discount for your Page fans or hold a contest and give away a great prize to one of your Page fans. Get creative and find ways to acknowledge your fans and reward them for their loyalty.

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