Simple guide on how to create konga affiliate account

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Affiliate Marketing, KongaThe web is a very great financial platform that offers its users diverse business opportunities to easily tap wealth by doing simple jobs. These jobs only require your business brain, ability to use the internet and having great number of followers in your social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even a website of your own.Whereas there are several means for making legitimate money from the internet, Affiliate Marketing seems to be one of the gateways to receiving extra income either as a part-timer or for higher income as a full time-timer. With affiliate marketing, companies are able to attract more customers without making direct adverts, but relying on the efforts of third party marketers who promote their businesses through several web based facilities, especially social media.
No intense experience of web usage or programming skills is needed for you to become an affiliate marketer. All you need is the basic understanding of how to pass across commanding articles and information to those who need them, while linking the users to online stores via your referral where they order for and purchase goods of their interest. While some of such online stores pay per click on the referral links, others pay commission based on successful sales made from the referring link.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based online strategy where a retailer, in contract with an affiliate (a third party marketer using website platforms for linking customers) marketer, pays for the number of traffic generated and, or successful sales made by the retailer via the referral links of the affiliate marketer. With such business platform and the popularity of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc., an affiliate marketer only needs to concentrates much of his effort in driving traffic to the retailer through his referral link which is provided by the retailer. This can be done by posting quality articles that attract the users of whatever social media you are using and writing factual technical reviews on products you have used or a friend has used that the online store is selling. Normally, these referrals are presented as banners or mere links, sometimes embedded with images that display some of the products you intend to promote from the store.

Affiliate marketing has been on for some years now and it has enable small businesses to expand their customer base, while larger businesses keep growing bigger. One major tool for improving the publicity of a business is, marketing. In our contemporary world, marketing has taken an exciting path as companies can market their products right from where they are via the internet using the efforts, skills, creativity and strategies of other persons whom they pay a particular amount of money called commission. That implies that you don’t have to be a direct employee with such company or live in the same location to market for them. It is not hindered by geographical location or qualifications, but your ability to draw customers to the company through product reviews, offers and deals which your followers would patronise.
Whereas several Affiliate Marketing platforms exist, I will limit the scope of this post to Konga Affiliate Marketing, while providing you with links to other affiliate marketers companies.
Many of us who patronise Konga do not realise that we can earn from the same company we spend our money on. To become a Konga Affiliate Marketing Partner, follow the steps below.
Step 1Just like every other online business activities, the first thing to do is to open an account. In this case, an affiliate account with Konga is what you have to create to get going. Click on this link, Create Konga Affiliate Account, to get started. Then click on sign up.

Clicking the link above will open the Konga Affiliate sign up page where you will provide necessary information needed to create the account. The information to be provided are divided into Personal InformationAdditional Information and Payment Methods. Ensure that all the fields are properly filled with the correct information.
The information provided under the Payment Methods section is what will be used to pay you once your commission reaches the withdrawal balance. Therefore, provide the correct payment details. Some people believe that the details are used for billing them. That is not the case, instead, it is used to pay out commissions you have accrued for referring customers to their online shops where purchases are made. The account provided must be an active one if you actually intend to make gains from your referrals.

Konga Sign Up information page

Accept the Terms and Condition by clicking on the check box beside it (clicking the check box implies that you have read and agreed to the terms stated for becoming Konga’s affiliate marketer). You can always take a short break at this point to go through these terms in order to understand the binding rules between you and Konga in respect to their affiliate marketing program. Then click on the sign up button below the check box to continue.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be redirected to the Konga Affiliate Panel where you can begin all the means for earning cool cash by promoting their products to your friends, family members, subscribers and those that visit the advertising platform you are using. You can view your commission, create banners and links, view statistics, check your profile, read reports, contact Konga’s online assistance team and many more activities.

Konga Affiliate panel

By default, you will automatically earn N500, but this money will not be transferred to your account because the minimum transfer balance is N10,000.
Use banners, links, deals of the day, best sellers and top rated goods facilities to increase the traffic rate you refer. There are tools on the Affiliate Panel to help you make the presentation attractive and appealing to the target audience.Take your time to navigate through, think deeply on possible ways of utilizing this simple business to acquire additional income that you can use to your pleasure.
Happy marketing!
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