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Everyone makes mistakes, especially on networking business

I have made more mistakes myself than many people especially in networking business.

But I am still grateful because I have learnt from those mistakes and that is why I am still standing today.

Today, I want to share 3 mistakes you must try to avoid while building your business.

They are:

1. Being Inconsistent

You’ll hardly record any tangible success in your networking business if you are inconsistent.

Most people put in the work for a day or two and then they never show up again until after three weeks.

If you are inconsistent, it will reflect in your income.

If you want to succeed in this industry, you must remain CONSISTENT in your actions.

Being consistent is not just enough you must be consistent in the right things which are the income producing activities.

Learn new marketing skills every day. Fill your pipeline with fresh leads every day, and expose your business to new people every day.

As you do this regularly, it will become a habit and our habits is what dictates our success or failure in life.

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2. Being Busy Instead Of Being Productive

Everyone is always busy, but not everybody is productive. Most people focus on being busy rather than being productive.

Instead of using your phone to read about new marketing trends in the industry, how to do better Facebook lives and attract prospects, they prefer to chat and gossip with their friends.

In network marketing, you will only make money when you do the income producing activities like presenting, follow-up, recruiting, and selling the products.

If you are not doing any of the income producing activities, every other thing that you are doing is a total waste of busy-ness.

Networking business

3. Thinking Short-TermbShort-Term

Every business takes about 5-10 years to succeed, and network marketing is not an exception.

It is quite unfortunate that most people who come into this industry have the employee mindset and that is what holds them back and gives them an unrealistic expectation.

If someone should spend over 16-17 years going through school only to come out with a certificate that cannot guarantee his dream of life, why should it now be difficult to invest just 5 years to learn a business that will not just give your dream of life but also pay you while you are learning.

You must stop thinking like an employee and start thinking not like a network marketer but like an entrepreneur.

See your MLM business like a long-term project and not like an immediate way to raise cash to fix your money problem.

Although, you may not be able to hit the millions within the shortest time possible, but there is still a better way to start earning even right from the very first day of starting your network marketing business.


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