What Is Fiverr?

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Fiverr, What Is Fiverr?,I will tell you what fiverr is. The best definition I can give to fiverr is that it’s a place where things are done for five dollars or rather a freelance company. it is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site, and visitors can accept gigs as well. The price for each gig is fixed at five dollars. If you are a kid or a mum and you wanna make money from home, then I  think fiverr should be your priority . You are being paid 4 dollars for each successful order you complete, though your gigs are listed as 5 dollars, but fiverr charges you a dollar for each gig. Many at times, I have heard people saying that fiverr is not really worth there time, but I am happy to tell you that, I know people who are making a living online with fiverr. In fact, one of my Boss, just bought a car from the money he made from fiverr. Lets do some calculations here, lets say you are getting 6 orders from your fiverr gig daily, then 6 *4 $ that’s, 24 $ daily and that will amount to 720 $ dollars, and its possible for you to even make more than that if you are serious with it.

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Signing up with fiverr is easy and all you need do is to point your browser to fiverr.com, then click on sign up. After the confirmation of your email address, then you can create your fiverr gigs and start making money online from fiverr.

In my future post, I will be taking you through how fiverr gigs ideas and how to make money from your gigs, do ensure that, you sign up for my feeds to get alerted once this wonderful posts are made.or see how to make money with Fiverr

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