What Is Recharge And Get Paid?

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What is Recharge and get paid?  it is a business platform that gives you opportunity to earn money on every recharge or data subscription you make.

Different ways you can make money from Recharge and get paid platform

You get paid When you recharge your phone, your family and friends
1. When you recharge your phone using the platform as a registered member
2. When you recharge for your family and friends
3. If you decide to use it as a means of selling airtime you get 2% commission on any airtime sold and 10% of data sold or used by you.
You can also do all the cable TV subscriptions for people and make profit.

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You get paid through referral marketing;
Whenever the people who registered through you make any recharge/data subscription you will get commission. you also get commission on every recharge that other people that register under the ones registered directly under you. Every person that registered under you both directly and indirectly is called your downlines and you earn commission on every of their transaction, so when you have many downlines you stand a chance of making it big in a short time even while you are not working.


You can either pay into anyone of the company accounts below and then send your details to this number for registration: 08069536070. Or you can follow these steps below to register by yourself. use this Treasurechannel as your referal id while registering

[1]  Click on this link to fill the online registration form:

[2]  Fill in all the details required including your username and password and click on submit.

[3]  Pay your registration fee into any of the company accounts below:





[4]  Send your payment details to this number: 08069536070, in this format:

Name of depositor:
Amount paid:
Date of payment:
Which bank  you pay into: [Diamond/GTB/Zenith]
Teller number: [If you did transfer just write ‘Transfer’]

Note: Send the details as SMS or WhatsApp message to: 08069536070
[5] Now, login with your Recharge And Get Paid username and password that you created in step [2] above.

[6]  Once you are logged in, the system will present you with three payment options which are:
3⃣Bank Wire
[7] Choose *Bank Wire.* It will request for your payment details.

[8] Enter your payment details.
[i]  Name of depositor: [The name you wrote on the deposit slip. Or if you did a transfer, you write the full name on the bank account you transferred from]
[ii] Amount deposited: [write like this: 20000. Not like this: 20,000. Do not add coma]
[iii] Teller: [Enter the number of the teller you used to deposit into the bank or write ‘Transfer’ if you did a transfer.]

[9]  Click on submit.

Your RAGP account would be activated in a short time.

For more info contact this number through Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 08069536070

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