How to make money online through Jumia affiliate program

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Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program – Make Money Recommending Products

JUMIA, Nigeria’s leading shopping destination and one of the main revenue streams for many people, They offer the best Affiliate Program in Nigeria and Africa. Jumia Affiliate Program allows you share offers on Jumia with your friends and fans and if they buy you earn a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing simply means the promotion of products and services sold by a merchant or service provider in return for a commission. You can also read this very Comprehensive Guide on Affiliate Marketing for more knowledge.

From using an Affiliate Network, they have moved the affiliate program in-house and from paying in Dollars, You can now receive payment in Naira.

However, one thing have remained constant and that is Jumia’s commitment to its Affiliate. While the likes of Konga are cutting back on Affiliate marketing, the Jumia Affiliate programs is waxing stronger with up to 11% commission on sale. See the commission table.

How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program

Just go to, fill out the online form to apply. Your application will be reviewed and if you are qualified, you will be welcomed to the Jumia Affiliate Program.

You can now login to the affiliate program site to start promoting offers.

How to Promote the Jumia Affiliate Program

Once you login to the affiliate marketing site, you can build links or use banners. You can promote links on your website or share on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

How Jumia Affiliate Program Works

Jumia Affiliate Programs works like any other. You share a link about offers and items on sale on Jumia with people online and if they buy you earn a commssion.

But, how does Jumia track the links to know a lead bought a product?

Well, the link that you get from Jumia, has a tracking code in it. Once, the link is clicked it registers on Jumia’s server and at the same time a cookie (with a 30 day lifespan) is stored on the clickers device.

Even if the clicker does not buy immediately, as long as they buy within the lifespan of the cookie (in this case 30 days), the sale will be credited to you.

At the end of the month, if you have earned the minimum payout amount (5,000 Naira or 10,000 Naira not sure), your earnings will be directly paid into your account.

If you earned lower than the minimum payout, your earning will rollover to the next month. Your earnings will continue to accumulate until it reaches the minimum payment.

Payment are usually made between the 15th and 25th of the subsequent month.

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In 2013, Jumia upgraded its affiliate program to allow everyone to earn money easily by sharing a link – from private partner to professional website hosts.

Prior to this, JUMIA’s existing affiliate program was joined by over 700 partners running for almost one year. NaijaTechGuide is one of the leading affiliates raking-in hundreds of dollars in the period. Now, JUMIA extends the proven concept to everyone by allowing affiliates to share affiliate links via their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Tunde Kehinde, co-founder JUMIA Nigeria: “This new program opens up to all people – everyone is welcome to participate to boost their website, blog or social media channel with our brand and additionally profit from it. We created an easy working win-win situation which is a totally performance based associate program: The more people someone can bring to our website, the more they profit from it. We are happy to give this opportunity to everyone and continue the successful affiliate program to a Partner’s Program where everyone can join in.”

The Partner’s Program works as simple as this: JUMIA allows third parties to place links, ads, and other types of visual references on their websites or social media channels with direct traffic to In return, associates get up to 9% commission for one sale when customers use the links for purchases. For the first month, associates earn 500 NGN on top of the commission for each order.

Facts About the Jumia Affiliate Program

The key facts about JUMIA’s Partner Program

  • Links, ads, and other types of visual references can be shared on websites and/or social media channels
  • Different from the past affiliate program, the new initiative also allows or social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to join in.
  • Bonus for the first month: 500 NGN on top of the commission for each order
  • Promotions and special benefits on a regular basis – eg Christmas special is coming up
  • Direct service support from JUMIA affiliate manager
  • Monthly payment via bank transfer

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